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Thanks [Deep]

The Geri route is a set of streets in northern Chandigarh where youth, mostly students, regularly drive cars and motorbikes. The word geri means “rounds”, and thus the name derives from the “rounds” that people make through the route. The route, spans from Sectors 8,9,10 to 11, with the core being around DAV College , Home Science College for Girls in Sector-10 and Govt. College for Girls in Sector-11. It has been used in this manner since the 1970s, with the route especially gaining popularity in the 1980s when car ownership became more common among young residents.

Starting with the Sector 11 market – the hot-spot of the 1990s for the young crowd – the ‘Geri route’ is now an expanded and larger version. The route now extends to the markets in Sectors 10, 9 and 8 and also includes a part of the picturesque Panjab University campus in Sector 14.

Since at least 2001, local police have maintained a very strong presence onValentine’s day to prevent eve teasing and other forms of harassment, as well as traffic violations. In addition, at least as far back as 2002, portions of the route have been barricaded to completely block traffic. The heavy police presence is in part due to documented illegal activities, such as one yearwhen some women travelling on the route were molested. Police also set up checkpoints and provide other security on Holi.

Though for the younger lot, the Geri Route is almost like a pilgrimage centre which they must visit . Page has been viewed 2 times..